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Coralie Perchey

Founder of Coco Hot Yoga Studio
Yoga Bikram Instructor
500-hours Bikram Training in 2014

Coralie Perchey, fondly referred to as “Coco,” is a radiant presence, known for her infectious energy and perpetual smile. This French dynamo has journeyed through life’s peaks in California, Australia, and her native France. Despite her varied experiences, one thing remains constant: Coco’s unwavering positivity shines through in every encounter.

After years spent immersed in the fast-paced world of restaurant management, Coco found her true passion in the practice of Hot26 yoga. Ten years ago, she made the bold decision to transition from serving food to serving serenity as a yoga teacher. Since then, she hasn’t looked back, grateful every day for the choice that brought her fulfillment and joy.

Now based in Ibiza, Coco brings her unique blend of warmth and expertise to her Hot26 yoga classes. Having spent a decade honing her craft, including teaching in the vibrant city of Paris, she is ready to share her boundless energy and kindness with students seeking balance and tranquility. Join Coco on the mat, and let her contagious enthusiasm uplift your practice and brighten your day.

Coralie Perchey

Founder, Hot26 teacher
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