The team

Coralie Perchey

Founder of Coco Hot Yoga Studio & Yoga Bikram Instructor
(500-hours Bikram Training in 2014)

It’s no secret to anyone, except those who haven’t had the chance to meet her yet : Coralie Perchey (“Coco”) is a true ray of sunshine, an electric ball, always smiling in all circumstances.

This French Lady has successively experienced the highlights of her life in California, Australia and also in France. After a long career working in restaurants, Coco fell in love with the Hot26 practice and decided to follow her passion and become a teacher. This was 10 years ago, and everyday she is grateful for the choice she made.

Now based in Ibiza after teaching in Paris for ten years, she will give you Hot26 Yoga classes with all her positive energy and kindness.